Sunday, 29 January 2012

Korean Jjin Bang 찐빵 and Dumplings

Jjin Bang and Dumpling vendor, Korea

I was pleasantly surprised about a month ago when this vendor opened up in the building right near our academy. The little food hatch sells steamed meat dumplings and delicious red bean filled buns. The jjin bang breads are a fluffy, yeasty piping hot sweet bread filled with a soft red bean paste. They cost 1,000won which is about 70p and they are worth every penny.
Now I can't speak for the meat dumplings, but from appearances the soft steamed dough surrounding the fresh herby meat and vegetables, are dripping with moisture and warming a sa freezing cold post-teaching snack. Both are sensationally tempting and the family who run the place are generous with smiles and heating. They let us hide in the warmth of their kitchen instead of hundling around the steamers while we waited for ours to cook fresh.

Cinema scope jjin bang and dumpling vendor

Steaming pans filled with Korean snacks

The steam fills the air around the entrance of the vendors warm cave and the huge stacked metal steamers gush out plumes of sweet smelling savoury treats. The paper bags the breads are put into, crinkle around the fluffy bang (bread) and keep your hands warm as you walk home....delicious!


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