Tuesday, 31 August 2010

My lovely Korean teacher.

I have been taking private Korean lessons for around seven months. My wonderful teacher Helen, teaches Korean language skills to most of the 외국인 (foreigners) in the Samgye-Jung-ri area. She also offers us advice whenever she can, just because she is nice like that! She is somewhat famous around these parts and rightly so! We all love her!

Despite her modesty, Helen is a talented Korean cook and has previously taken a bunch of us girls on a cooking weekend. We learnt lots of delicious recipes and had a wonderful time discussing all the foods we miss and little eccentricities about our own countries cuisine. There was also a lot of gossiping and wine drinking. (I will include the recipes another time).
Therefore, food has been something of a talking point between us. I could not hide my happiness when Helen read my blog posts and began thinking about what new vegetarian food she could introduce me to. This resulted in the discovery of a very simple but delicious Vietnamese style snack- rice paper wraps.

I was spoilt rotten at my recent Korean lesson discovering these little beauties. You prepare any fresh vegetables you like and cook a simple omelet- perhaps some fried mushrooms. You then take some pickled radish slices or an intriguing rice paper which you soften in boiled water, as an outer wrapper. The paper turns into a sticky clear film which you lay out on your plate. You then fill it with the veggies and egg and wrap it inside any which way you choose. It’s kind of like an Asian fajita. We then dipped ours in some sweet chili sauce which was delicious. What a refreshing and healthy snack! I was pretty happy when Helen insisted I take the whole package home to sample some more. Yum, yum. The little dog is Bompil, he is my good friend too and he stayed with me and Tom one week- quite the handful but we love him too! 감사합니다 헤른 선생님 (Thank you Helen teacher!!).

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