Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Street food

Korea has an amazing street atmosphere during both day and night. There are people bustling around trying to get home, brightly and eccentrically dressed old women laying down on street corners, waiting to sell their home grown onions, leeks or various leafy looking vegetables. Cars beeping their horns at every opportunity as some unfazed and oblivious woman parks right in the middle of flowing traffic to nip to the bank.
If you stop and take a look, there will be a group of people standing still with you. They spend their life watching the world go by from behind a steaming corn on the cob cooker, a sweet chestnut dough ball molder, or a big vat of slow cooked fish cake treats, neatly concertinaed on to enormous skewers. They are the street food vendors and they are there day and night, through freezing cold and boiling humidity, in the hope that they can sell you a red bean filled pancake rammed into a paper cup- too hot for even the most asbestos mouthed Englishman. If you don't like the sound of that how about a pot of silkworm lava!

I have taken a few photographs over our time here, none of which capture the true bustling atmosphere and genuine skill and efficiency developed by these vendors while they serve, heat and mould their wares.

May you be warm and prosperous over the coming winter months.

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