Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Chinese Flower Tea

Another nice surprise at Korean lesson this month. When we settle down to study, (or gossip as is what usually happens) Helen brings out a kettle of hot water and a variety of tea for us to choose from. Herb tea, flower tea, milk tea, green tea, breakfast tea, and coffee too. I spotted a knotted little ball of what looked like a dried chunk of string. "Helen, what's this", "It's Chinese flower tea, it is very pretty but I don't like it's taste". So this curious little lump was my selection that week. Apparently this is a well-known souvenir for people visiting China and one of Helen's previous students had brought some back for her after a visit some time before. It is an actual dried flower, that once placed into water, opens up to reveal the concealed dried petals.

Helen wanted to show us the 'bloom' so she produced a bowl instead of a cup which made for excellent viewing but not so great for drinking as there was no handle and it was pretty large!
So I grabbed a stirring straw and tasted it that way. I sipped away on it for the rest of the lesson, where we studied body parts and describing illnesses¡¦.after cake of course. I thought it was very refreshing but Sara said it tasted like dirt, haha. My lovely onni (older sister), Sara had brought a little Paris Baguette chocolate cake, which happens to be the best chocolate cake I have tasted in Korea. What a lovely Thursday evening (as usual).

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