Monday, 4 October 2010

School birthday treats.

It's hard to believe I am now a quarter of a century old. I am pleased though, that I was able to celebrate this in Korean style.
Our first day at school last year was actually Tom's birthday. As we were brand new and in a completely alien environment, it didn’t seem possible that there would be any kind of acknowledgment. To our surprise there was a chocolate cake waiting for Tom after our afternoon classes and our new friends sang happy birthday! There were two long candles representing ten year markers and 4 short candles for 4 years. I thought this was actually very efficient and this logic saves a lot of time trying and failing to light 24 candles. Tom blew them out and then our co-workers whipped out a load of chopsticks. We were astounded as we tried to grapple with the wooden disposable sticks while they hoovered a 7th of the cake each. By the time I had the chopsticks in hand and poised ready to eat my first ever mouthful of stick-delivered sponge, the cake was almost demolished! Tom and I looked at each other in complete disbelief. Once we got over the shock, we were very grateful that day and realised we were going to be looked after in our new adventure. A year on, the lovely people we work with have not let us down.
As the year has passed we have become more proficient in chopstick cake eating. Many a Paris Baguette bakery box has come and gone and therefore I was secretly anticipating a similar experience on Wednesday!
I was not disappointed and my co-workers and Tom presented me with a lovely light sponge cake covered in fresh cream and a fine sprinkle peanut covering. On top were some walnuts and chocolate decorations. It was beautiful.
We ate the cake after our 2 o'clock lesson and the kids started to arrive as we finished our delightful treat. I had cut one extra piece by mistake and Robin, Sally and Jack set to rifling for chunks of cream. I had stupidly forgotten to bring my camera so I took a few snaps on our brick-like phone. Unfortunately I cannot transfer them onto the computer so I took some Polaroid type shots from the phone pictures to add to this note. I think they capture the moment well! So it's 생일축하 합니다 to me!!

Left to right, Miju, Sue, Lucy, Jenny, Me and Lora.

Jack, Me, Robin, Sally and Jinny.



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