Wednesday, 5 January 2011

ho ho ho

What a marvelous Christmas this has been, I really enjoyed spending time with friends and family and managed to chow through three Christmas dinners a salmon and leek pie and a fair few left over buffets! Good job I am going to be lugging my backpack around India for the next month so that I can burn off a couple of thousand calories!

On Christmas day, we all worked hard (well mainly my Mum and Nana) to prepare a perfect roast, although my Mum had ordered a large and strangely male chicken for the meat eaters and I had a breaded Quorn burger which was exactly what I wanted. I <3 Quorn the vegetarian roast dinner saviour!

Laid out on my Grandmother's best tableware was a feast of sprouts, swede and carrot mash, roasted rosemary potatoes, leeks in white sauce, cranberry sauce, gravy and best of all two kinds of stuffing, sage and onion and chesnut and cranberry both homemade might I add! Stuffing is my favourite part of a traditional roast, and my mum's is absolutely amazing! We whizz up about 4 slices of bead into bread crumbs, add some little knobs of butter, a large teaspoon of sage, one large chopped up onion and 1 egg plus some warm water to bind the whole lot together. We then bake the mixture in a heat proof dish in the oven for about 25 mins.

Mum and Nana ready to eat!

Me and Victoria

My wonderfully tasty Christmas lunch.

On top of that there was the usual evening buffet for the utterly disgraceful, and we ate lunch left overs and a multitude of cheese. This year I made some homemade onion marmalade. I cut up an entire 2lb bag of red onions, cooked them in butter and added brown sugar, balsamic vinegar and syrup and salt and pepper to taste, oh and dashings of red wine to reduce! This keeps for ages in a sealed jar and goes so well with a cheese board that no one should be without it at Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2011

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