Thursday, 3 March 2011

Baby food

My beautiful cousin Nikki is having twins, and as the first of our generation to be having one let alone two children, it is all very exciting. As I have been home with nothing much to do, I thought it would be a good idea to organise a baby shower for her. Although lots of people think that baby showers and their American connotations are a bit naff, I personally thought it was a good opportunity to get the family and a few of her friends together to spoil her as she well deserves.

We agreed there would be a tea party theme, we got out the china cups and plates and we made lots and lots and lots of sweet treats including iced fairy cakes, some of Mum's amazing fresh scones with jam and cream, and I even attempted quite successfully to make the aforementioned cinnamon yoghurt cake I sampled in India. Sheeba gave me her recipe which I will share with you only on a need to know basis :) We washed all this down with a variety of green tea, rose tea, builders tea, earl gray, and one coffee.

Sheeba's cake

Victoria made a gorgeous Delia Smith tomato and red pepper tart and my Nana made a cheese and onion quiche. What talented ladies we are. There were also plenty of meat, fish and cheese finger sandwiches to complete the table. Other guest brought along party snacks and we all tucked in after the present giving. The spread looked wonderful.

We played a few games such as ''guess the babies combined weight'' (which I hope to earn a tidy profit from). We also surprised our taste buds with a baby food quiz. We had to sample four jars of food and guess what the flavour was. This proved incredibly tricky as ''Fisherman's pie'' actually tasted like potted beef and the ''strawberry and cream'' smelled like apple! I think the texture, flavour and smell of all four were absolutely vile and if I ever had a baby, I would definitely be feeding them whizzed up normal food like my mum fed me!

We finished up with another game which involved moving cotton wool balls from one bowl to another with a wooden spoon. Not so easy with a blindfold on! We all felt well and truly sick after eating and laughing so much (not to mention the baby food aftertastes) but we got some cracking pictures.

                       I can't wait to meet the twins, even if it is only on skype for the first year!

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