Sunday, 27 March 2011


While we were in France, Tom made us a bouillabaisse fish stew. When in Paris.....
We ate it with fresh baked bread from the boulangerie and plenty of white wine to boot. 
I had never tried it before but the thin fish broth was very filling and incredibly fresh and zesty. Tom is an excellent cook and he pulled this one out the bag with style to match!
We all said how wonderful it was. Restaurant quality!

1. Thinly sliced white onions and garlic fried up in butter.
2. Sliced red pepper and cubed fresh tomatoes added to the onion.
3. A quarter of a bottle of decent white wine and a cup of water.
4. Officially you are supposed to use saffron but he used fresh thyme.
5. Add the mixed fish and seafood when the sauce has come together and cook this for only 5 minutes more.
If you cook the fish too long it will break up so be careful.
6. Season to taste.

Sweet, warm, wholesome and almost 100% fat free, until you butter up your crusty roll to dip in wine and tomato stock!! Clever Tom.

Bon appetit!

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