Thursday, 3 March 2011

Ladies who lunch

I will miss all my lovely English ladies when I go back to Korea and I very much enjoyed a recent reunion with my uni pals Catherine, Hannah and Kat. We ventured into Leeds and spent the day half heartedly shopping but not really wishing to buy anything. What we really wanted to do was sit somewhere and catch up but as we all now live in different cities it is difficult to fit in a one day meeting to suit everyone. We had a nice browse and eventually settled in a lovely new café in the city center called...

It served lots of amazing looking cakes and gateaus so it was difficult to decide what to have. The young man serving us didn't really seem to have a clue what he was serving or to whom, but we forgave him in return for some pretty good cake and tea and a warm place to sit.
There was only one afternoon tea option on the menu which clearly stated it was for one person only! Lord knows why because who eats two huge scones and six minature pots of jam to themselves! Catherine and I decided to split it. Hannah and Kathryn had muffins and we nattered away for an hour or two. We had a really nice afternoon, I will miss you all so much!!!! Can't wait to see you in Korealand in May!

Me and Hannah




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