Saturday, 30 April 2011

Green Fingers

Korea is a very green fingered nation. If you walk around our little town of Samgye, you will see that the old women use every possible nook and cranny of soil or wasteland to plant all manner of leaves, lettuces and beans. 

By the river
Carefully tended to.
Planting on wasteland, not such a bad idea. Not brave enough to try it myself. This is actually just outside our house.

I thought I would have a go myself but not only do I have no idea what I am doing, we don't have any outdoor space other than a ledge out the balcony window. I don't want to upset any ajummas by stealing someone else's turf, so I set up some pots out in the sun just out the windows. 
I have planted some leafy green and purple lettuce which just started to sprout, some so far 'fruitless' pumpkin and marrow seeds and four small tomato plants which are doing very well. They are sprouting yellow flowers which I assume will turn into fruits. I may sound like a grandma but I am very excited!


I also planted some rosemary and strawberry plants which are going strong but there is no sign of anything too exciting yet.

We have searched high and low for some herb seeds as we are trying to cook with fresh herbs where possible, but there is a limited selection so no basil just yet but we will watch that space.

I will keep you informed of any horticultural developments! 

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