Sunday, 3 April 2011

St Patrick's Day Stew

For some reason on St Patrick's day, the Irish in each and everyone of us comes out to play.
Us Waygook (foreigners), more than most, love to celebrate anything remotely western. Especially when it involves potato, dumplings and non-Korean alcohol. Hite, soju and kimchi somehow just would not cut this holiday.

So we agreed that Grat, the half Irish fellow that he is, would cook up a traditional stew and a veggie one to boot with lots of potatoes, gravy and chunky vegetables. He did an excellent job as you can see!

We opened some cans of Guiness and red wine for those who couldn't stomach the calories and we had ourselves a mini Ireland in our apartment.

I made some homemade dumplings using Crisco!! An American lard substitute (first time for everything), flour and water to make a dough. I added some rosemary and baked them in the oven until browned.

Leslie also made a fabulous soda bread. Needless to say we were all very full.

We finished off the Irish theme night through the wonders of YouTube. We watched Riverdance, Stavros Flatley, Westlife, Bewitched and Corrs videos into the night and ''Paddied'' it out with some fiddly old tunes.

Now what holiday can we invent to eat a ridiculous amount of cheese?? Another Korean rarity!

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