Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Fantastic Korean Seafood

In order to welcome Keziah back to our school (we took over her job and now she has returned to take over from someone else), our director Jack took us out for an all you can eat seafood BBQ grill in the Dekkori area of Masan. As I don't eat meat, I am always a little frustrated with the BBQ restaurants and the discovery of a seafood version is just fantastic!

Before Korea, I was very squeamish about seafood and would not look twice at this section in the supermarket, even mussels were not something I was keen on. But now Korea is beginning to rub off on me and my seafood intake has gone through the roof, mainly through lack of options!

The quality and quantity of the seafood brought to our table was phenomenal. The restaurant continued to fill our plate until we were satisfied for 12,000won which is about 6pound! As you can see a lot of it was also dressed with fresh chopped onions, garlic and vegetables.

Giant mussels!
Tom, Keziah and I.

These little creatures were still a little daunting. I expected a hermit crab to poke it's head out of the shell and greet me with a terrified little squeak. Jack put one to his mouth, sucked hard and discarded the shell like this was the most usual thing in the world, so I had a go too. All the effort to actually suck the thing out seemed pretty pointless when only a tiny thing shot out. You would need to eat a lot of them to feel any benefit. I think these were more of an appetiser while waiting for the BBQ.

As in true Korean etiquette, Jack did the BBQ and we chatted and watched. The shells were put directly onto the grill and flames charred the shells while the salt water frothed and bubbled.

Jack our director, Julie our boss and her brother.

Jack also introduced us to a technique he uses to make soju shots a little more palatable. He added a chunk of cucumber to our glass. The cucumber was not tasty after it had soaked up all that soju!

We will have to remember this little place for all you visitors who I hope will come over the next year! :)

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