Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Steven's Birthday

Steven in my 남동생 (namdongsaeng) or younger brother, which literally means he is a little bit younger than me as he was born the year after. In Korea your birth date is very important and determines how you greet a person as they are given a different title. Generically, all older people are either your older sister or brother, and then if much older they are called grandmother or grandfather. This is true whether you know the person or not!

So even though Steven and I are now both 25, as I was born in the year before him, he has to greet me as older sister and I greet him as younger brother (actually I just say Hi Steven).

Anyway, for Steven's birthday we had a Samgyeopsal dinner (BBQ) and then we gave him a Paris Baguette birthday cake. The cakes from Paris Baguette and every other bakery in Korea are amazing!

Check out the fondant decorations on this one!

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