Sunday, 26 June 2011

Old Friends and New Places

My friends Catherine and Faye recently came over to Korea and we had a wonderful time visiting a couple of places together. In the evenings while they were staying with us here in Masan, I loved helping them plan where they were going on their next day of adventure. Needless to say they did have lots of fun running around islands and hitching rides on golf buggies, helping my friend Hazel cook green tea cakes with Korean 5 year olds in her EnglishArt hag-won (school) and generally exhausting themselves.

We enjoyed a visit to a temple in Miryang on Buddha's birthday and I spent a while looking for somewhere good to eat. I ended up watching this man making noodles and making myself more and more hungry! We were waiting for Catherine and Faye to get to the train station before we could eat.

We also had a really nice weekend in Busan and we had planned to watch the latest show in Korea, 'JUMP' a mixture of martial arts and dance choreographed into a full length show. Unfortunately it was cancelled (without notification oh Korea) and so we had to find something else to do to entertain ourselves for the evening.

We headed down to Centum City, the world's largest department store and we explored the building with curiosity and excitement. The architecture was amazing, but the best bit was the international food court. There were foods from all over the world and many things I have been unable to find in other stores.

There were also glass displays of cakes, ice creams, sushi, baked goods and much more. There was a wine bar and a water bar!! I would recommend a visit!

I was so pleased to have some friendly faces around and hope the girls had as much fun as me!

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