Monday, 27 June 2011

Typhoon dinner

Well the rainy season is officially upon us. We had a weekend of hiking and relaxation planned in Masan with our visitors Ruth and David but then typhoon Meari took over and we were pretty much housebound for the weekend. So Tom had the excellent idea of cooking a special three course dinner. We planned to get in some wine and play a spot of poker after dinner. Turned into a fab weekend!

Tom was in charge of dinner. All I did was puree some peas, make my own veggie option and cut some potato discs so I can't really take any of the credit! This is all Tom and it took some preparation! He had to really think about what things we could cook  in Korea where the usual ingredients are all a little difficult to find.

For starters Tom decided on a deconstructed fish pie. We had baked cod with prawns and a cream and parsley sauce. Each element was cooked and served separately. I cut out some potato disks and we fried them in butter before simmering in a pan with a little water to soften. I then pureed some peas and added some yoghurt and seasoning. It was delicious!

The main was pretty much a meat fest, pork loin stuffed with peaches and wrapped in bacon. We were pretty lucky that Lotte Mart has started to sell this American bacon as it is hard to come by, so a real treat. Not for me obviously but those guys seemed to enjoy it.

It was served with buttered carrots and some creamed leeks and mushrooms.

I made a rough puff pastry parcel for the veggie option and filled it with home grown cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and olives. It was scrummy!

Then for desert we had frozen banana parfait with caramelized bananas and praline. This recipe came directly from Gordon Ramsey, but Tom did a grand job! Tom's version is in the picture below!

I am very proud of Tom and his fantastic cooking skills! Well done you! Who needs to go out in the typhoon when you have everything you need inside!

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