Friday, 15 July 2011

Daegu Hello Cupcake!

Last weekend was miss Burton's birthday and we went shopping in Daegu to celebrate. It rained the whole time and I ruined my suede shoes running about in it, but we had lots of fun. We enjoyed a nice bit of Zara browsing and bought some new makeup from the faceshop before heading to meet the boys for some food at the Travellor. After a round of electronic darts(!!??!!) we went to a different bar for some cocktails and cake!
Vic had expressed how lovely the cakes were in the shop window on the corner..... a vanilla ice, a peanut - for the boys on a protein diet- a carrot cake, a cherry choco, a banana and a red velvet later... Wow those cakes were good! This is a link to their website where the above picture is taken from.

The birthday girl.

I have to say, the boys did not seem too impressed but I quote, ''this is the best cake I have ever had in my whole life!'' Great work there Hello Cupcake!

So if anyone is ever in Daegu, I suggest treating yourself and your friends! This Korean woman did! I found this online when I was searching to see if there were any other reviews! She loved it too!


  1. can you give directions to this place please?

  2. Hi Emma,

    The website address is

    There is a map and telephone number details here and you can google earth the location if you click the green and white pin button next to the location name on naver map. In the images I think it is a clothes shop named 'flo'.

    But if you know Daegu a little, I remember we were at the central stage/monument in the main shopping district, there is a department store (I forget the name) and a body shop. From the stage, walk down the street which keeps the department store to your immediate left and the body shop on your right. It is in the direction of all the main bars and clubs. Hello cupcake is on the right hand side- 5ish blocks and on a corner, about 5-10mins walk!

    Enjoy and hope this helps.