Thursday, 21 July 2011

Midweek Makkoli

It's always good to unwind after a day of teaching. Tonight was a good deal of fun. Not only did we we drink some delicious rice wine from a tinpot kettle, but we ate some delicious seafood pancake and had a good old natter- Korean style. 

Dajeon the pup enjoying some makkoli and kimchi

Haemul (seafood) pajeon

cooked kimchi and 두부 dubu (tofu) with pork slices.
I love that the pork is neatly separated from the tofu and kimchi. This is an unusual and convenient situation for a vegetarian!

This traditional Korean eatery is really a great place to visit. In Masan this is probably a drop in the ocean but it is one of the only places I have discovered where the atmosphere is pure and the furniture very much made out of wood. You feel as though you have transported yourself to a simpler time, albeit one in which Hite beer is manufactured and sold in a mass production chain.

The food looked and believe me tasted fantastic. There was not a lot left, except for a massive bowl of raw kimchi! But that is hardly unusual.

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