Sunday, 21 August 2011

Epic Dessert Time - Serious Pudding People Only!

Back by popular demand, the makers of the 'Epic Breakfast Lasagna' return to make an 'Epic Dessert' in honour of our departing brotein ringleader - Brendan. The idea of a dessert lasagna was formulated so that us girlies might actually be interested in joining in and helping to conquer anything under this grotesquely glutinous food bracket.

We will all miss Brendan greatly when he leaves next week. He has brought healthy foodspiration and protein education into our lives and this indulgent 'cheat weekend' was the perfect send off!

Brendan in the planning stages.
The ingredients were all handmade with love and of top quality. Here is a birds eye view:

Let's take a closer look...

Peanut butter cake

Chocolate chip cookie

There was also a banoffee and other cementing layers added to help the mighty thing stay together. As we all looked on, the layering commenced with Paul's shortbread base topped with a layer of jam. By this time I was already forward planning and getting the brews on the go. Those who usually take sugar were hesitant to add to the upcoming hit.

Next was the peanut butter cake, loving baked by Mr Hoare. This was topped with sliced bananas and homemade toffee sauce. We were nearly reaching the rim of the tin after only three layers! By this point us girls were getting it in the ear for trying to interfere with the aesthetics of the design.

Next came Leslie's brownie and a custard layer. The custard was cold and a bit lumpy but it did a lovely job of sticking the bits together. The scent of sugar was wafting in the air!

Then a strategically balanced cookie and ganache layer was dropped on top. The ganache would act as a glue to paste the freshly baked meringue on as the final layer...

The final stage was a dressing of marshmallows and ganache and then it was baked in the oven to melt the whole thing as one!

Reactions were needless to say, ridiculous, and there was rather a few groans of delight and disgust. Not one of us finished our portion and Tom and Brendan tried to power through a HUGE great lump, adding more cream, ice cream, chocolate sauce and gulps of tea! Coffee seemed to be the only thing strong enough to break through the sugar! It was delicious but utterly sickening at the same time.
Here are a sample few pictures of the results!

It was quite difficult to get the thing out in one piece and therefore not as pleasing on the eye as one would have liked. You can however see each layer and the chocolate sauce permeated each layer into a chocolate sludge!

Yey! Couldn't sit still most of the day! The sugar was too much! A hell of a diet cheat day that one!

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