Sunday, 28 August 2011

Shake that Dosirak Lunch Box!

Sunday evening has come around again and I thought I would share a little insight into a quirky Korean dish. A little while ago our school director took us out for a Korean BBQ.  There aren't many other eating options open after we finish school at 9:30pm and although I don't mind sitting amongst the BBQ fumes, I am always uninspired by the vegetarian options namely rice, kimchi or tofu soup. The samgyeopsal BBQ is always all about the pork.
On this occasion to my surprise and delight, our director ordered me a ''lunch box'' treat or a Dosirak. It is basically rice, fried egg, kimchi and shredded vegetables in a stainless steel flat box or "lunch box". Our director said this really is something you might have expected a little Korean boy to take to school some decades ago.

Basically, you  lay the groundwork by roughly cutting up the egg with your spoon. You then replace the loose tin lid and shake that little box as hard as you can. You should be careful to clamp the lid down with both hands or risk launching the contents across the room. The egg yolk coats the rice and veggies and creates a delicious creamy flavour. It is definitely a great addition to the BBQ and a nice alternative to the meat.



A hearty and healthy lunchbox, and a bit of pre-digestion exercise. Shake that Dosirak!

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