Saturday, 20 August 2011

Tudari - Japanese Restaurant Chain, Masan

Tom and I decided to go for some dinner out last weekend. It is not often that we eat out anymore now we have our oven and we are trying to eat healthily, but after a very lazy weekend we wanted to make something of our Sunday evening. A couple of people had mentioned a new Japanese restaurant in Samgye - Tudari - so we gave it a go. I didn't look at the menu too carefully as it looked like they had a mix of seafood and vegetable options. turns out I was pretty wrong there. The restaurant is quite new and it seemed like half the things on the menu were not available, including most of the seafood options. The woman really didn't recommend herself well to us as instead of suggesting something when we asked which items had no meat, she just shrugged and kept pointing at the meat!! Goddammit!

We ended up ordering a seafood soup filled with fish cake skewers or odeng as they are called in Korea (오뎅). The soup was really tasty and quite spicy, but I usually only choose this as a last resort in restaurants as the odeng have a really bizzare texture and I am not sure what bit of a fish they are actually made of. Odeng is a really popular snack and street food in Korea and is served in many restaurants in this way.

We also ordered a mixed platter. When it came it was the meatiest meat fest I have ever seen. There were a couple of fishy options including some marinated squid, a shrimp and some really disconcerting crunchy baby octopi. I did try these options but there wasn't a lot to go at. There were however meat balls, chicken, pork, and various other things wrapped in bacon. We ordered a plate of asparagus which also came wrapped in bacon! doh!

There were some really hard and bitter green berries which looked like they might be gooseberries but they really weren't! There were two things we were unsure of so we looked them up in our phone dictionary, one was chicken hearts (tiny tiny) and the other said something about amniotic fluid which got Tom all freaked out thinking he was eating placenta! Placenta of what I have no idea!

It was quite fun deciphering what everything was, but it wasn't really a enjoyable eating experience for me or Tom really. It was also a little expensive for the amount of food we received, costing around 40,000won for the two of us with one beer.


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