Sunday, 18 September 2011

Borrowdale Tea Bread

My Dad recently went on a little weekend holiday to Teesdale. He sampled some traditional Tea Bread and sent me the recipe from the back of a National Trust postcard.
Traditionally, it is best served with butter and/or a slice of crumbly cheese. I had to make do with the only cheese available to me, Costco sharp cheddar. Once baked, it is best eaten the following day after it has had time to mature and crisp on the outside. If wrapped and stored correctly it can last some time.

Borrowdale Tea Bread

275ml / half pint hot tea
110g / 4oz raisins
110g / 4oz currants
110g / 4oz dark soft brown sugar
1 egg
225g/ self raising wholemeal (or white) flour

1. Pour tea over fruit and leave to soak overnight.
2. Next day, beat sugar and eggs together, then stir in flour and fruit.
3. Add enough of the tea soaking mixture to make a soft mixture.
4. Pour mixture into a greased and lined 19x10x5cm / 1lb loaf tin and bake for 45 mins @ 180C / 350F / gas 4 or until cooked.
5. Turn out of the tin and cool on rack.
6. To serve, cut slices, spread with butter and add a slice of cheese.

Unfortunately Korea is not a great country for purchasing bakery tools so I couldn't find a loaf tin. Instead, I fashioned a tin out of a deep pan dish and used greaseproof paper to box in the batter. That is why the shape is a little irregular.

Oh well, when something tastes this good it doesn't matter what shape it is!

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