Monday, 3 October 2011

Birthday Bash - Let me eat cake!

What a wonderful birthday weekend I have had. I woke up on Thursday to a table of pressies from thoughtful friends and family and a delicious pancake treat from Tom. He has some skills! I sat and ate the coconut pancakes with honey, cream and peaches while bopping along to Take That live in concert- a nice surprise prepared by Tom. My favorite number being the old school remix and the moving elephant puppet. Man, I love Gary Barlow! I was secretly happy it was raining as it meant our morning hike was postponed and Gary helped me get through it.

That day at school I got a gorgeous bunch of flowers from my new coworker, Jane, a signed picture of the cutest dog in the world from Kez and an ice cream cake from my director. I tried to round up a few people to eat the cake after work but with only 20 minutes notice that just meant more for me! We gave some to the waiters in the restaurant and they gave me a bottle of plum wine to toast with!
I felt a little guilty as all but one of my students from the debate class I teach everyday are currently taking time off for their tests. Poor Katie has to come in and study one on one, but that day she brought in a roll cake so we sat down to have a nibble together while reading an article on William and Kate's wedding and their role as modern royals. Korean Katie will be visiting London, Paris and Barcelona in December on a trip with the YWCA and it was so exciting talking to her about her plans. She will watch the Lion King Musical, visit Oxford University, The Eiffel Tower and The Louvre and watch flamenco dancing in Spain. I am so jealous of her and it was lovely spending time with such a thoughtful and interested young woman. She really loves asking insightful questions about England and Europe not just in preparation for her visit this winter. I wish I was going!

My coworker- Kez and her boyfriend Mark- taking the picture, Helen, Dajeong the dog with Tom and I sharing some Korean pancake and dumplings before ice cream!

 Delicious ice cream cake, Baskin Robbins style!

It was an almond and chocolate flavoured cake. Yummy!

Then on Saturday we had a pot luck party and quiz. Everyone brought a delicious dish; there was curry, Indian meat dishes, Greek salad, taco salad, oriental salad, sushi, bread pudding and a huge lemon drizzle cake with candid lemon slices made by Leslie Campos! There was so much cake it was unreal! Everyone did a grand job! We got stuck into the quiz, I didn't do so well. Helen Si and her team won! We came last place :( Jesse did an excellent job of the quiz although at one point it got a little competitive. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and it all came good in the end.

Me and Hazel

Thanks to everyone for an excellent birthday celebration. It made me think about my wonderful friends and family at home and abroad! What a lucky lady I am! The diet starts today as this weekend I have mostly been eating... cake!

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