Sunday, 9 October 2011

Just desserts... whadayamean?

I forgot about this little cafe Jamin, we stopped in one afternoon while in Osaka. We were really surprised by the sheer volume of coffee shops, dessert cafes, bakeries and tea houses in the downtown shopping area of Osaka and I wish we could have visited them all! They all had cute shop fronts with tempting menus and tasty looking displays. We decided to head into this one served desserts, cakes and cocktails and it was right by our hotel, Hearton Minami Senba.

It was a little strange sitting right by a small drinks cabinet in the center of a coffee shop. There were quite a mixture of people in there, too. We didn't look out of place, there were some rather stiff looking business types having a meeting and another couple with one pudding and two spoons. We decided to order one each and share! We actually skipped the cocktails because I needed a sugar and tea fix. We chose a drink and desert each from the seven pound fifty set menu or 850 yen. This was really a steal as we had seen a tiny french cake in a bakery window earlier for 35 pound!

The ice cream sundae and New York cheese cake were a dream! Although, the sundae did come with a corn flake layer - not just Koreans who eat cereal as a dessert then. But the Japanese really know how to create interesting and different atmospheres. Amongst the desserts, tea and cocktails were a collection of English children's books. I had never seen ''Whadayamean'' before but it was alongside classics such as ''The Snowman". It made me chuckle because ''whadayamean", said in a Yorkshire accent, used to be Tom's catchphrase.

One thing is for sure, Osaka knows how to please its customers with clean, inventive and delightful food experiences on every corner!

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