Thursday, 29 December 2011

Cat Cafe

When I first heard about Korean Cat Cafes, I have to admit I was a little dubious. I am not really a cat person, although I do have an enquiring interest in dog cafes.

So yesterday we took a girly trip to find the place in Hapseongdong that self confessed cat-addict, Leslie, has been raving about for weeks. This cafe was the most oestrogen filled place I have been in a long time. Girls were pawing all over the cats who were quite clearly uninterested as they have seen it all before and as self-pleasing creatures at the best of times, all the human attention was clearly old news.

There were bios for each cat, but we took to creating our own names for each kitty, some of which I have to admit stole my heart a little. The coffee was served in take out cups, which I was pleased about, no cat hair in my coffee please.  For 6,000won, you got a choice of drink from a set list, plus as long as you liked to coax the cats into some play time fun. There was also a Jenga set available which we made use of.
The coffee was really sweet, but good, and there were some nice bread-biscuit treats to nibble on included.

Butternut, as his face was all squashed. Perhaps my favourite.

Vin (as in Diesel). At one point he had his elbow hanging outside his house as though he was pimping his ride.

Cute little houses and pictures.
I was really surprised how much I liked it. There were no litter trays or cat poop to be seen, there was a cat flap into a different room with a sign saying toilet. I assume that was where the action happened, I was just pleased to know it wasn't anywhere around my table.

At one point, the waitress opened a can of cat food and served it to the kitties with chopsticks! One of the more bizarre moments of an entirely bizarre experience! There were toys to play with and cubby holes to sit in surrounded by a host of cat paraphernalia.
I would definitely recommend a visit to any cat cafe. The one in Hapseongdong, Masan is clearly very nicely put together, the cats are all rare breeds and very placid. The coffee is great and the atmosphere is very feline!


  1. Hi Liz, How cool. Thanks for sharing. I'd never heard of these. They have something for everyone/everything/everypet these days! I tweeted this today too. Best wishes, Andrea Martins,

    1. Thanks Andrea, I am glad you enjoyed the cats! I certainly did. Thanks for passing on the link to others and I hope they enjoy reading it too! Liz