Sunday, 22 January 2012

Yuletide Log Cake Decorating Class

Yuletide log cake decorating class - finished result!
 I have only just got round to sharing my pictures from our Christmas Eve Yuletide log cake decoration class. We had lots of fun making Yuletide cakes and certainly felt Christmassy afterwards. These things can look a little old fashioned and traditional. But it seems to me that Koreans have discovered this European tradition and made it their own. The light sponge is well suited to their tastes and many of the cakes in famous chain bakeries such as Paris Baguette, are similar in texture and taste. It was lots of fun watching the demonstration and I finally got to wear my Christmas apron in context! As with a lot of the classes, the tutor tried to save time by prepping some of the components. Unfortunately, this time it meant the cake itself was already baked, but we had to fill, roll and decorate the cakes which proved more difficult than it looked on first inspection. Rolling cake is a tricky business not to be sniffed at, and our table was not alone in some minor cake cracks and full on cream explosions!
With our limited Korean skills we learnt that you should add corn syrup to your chocolate ganache in order to make is stick and shine, and that you can create a tree-like effect using a fork.
It was good fun and another testimony to the classes at Shinsegae cooking school! Hope you enjoy the photos!

Amy at the start of the class! That chocolate is not going to last!

Monica and the cream.

Christmas team spirit.

Making the chocolate icing.

Rolling the cake was the hardest part!

The teacher dusted it for me. I wanted a little more snow. You can see the top of my freehand cake Christmas tree poking over the top of my Merry Christmas sign.

Steven taking pride in his cake decorating.

Festivities outside Shinsegae.

Merry Kimchi!


  1. I would love to take a cake decorating class! Yours looks so cute! Looking forward to following you!

    1. Thanks Jenny! It was a lot of fun! You should definitely look into doing one, too!