Friday, 23 November 2012

Beverley's Indulgent Tart

Beverley Cathedral - Picture by V. Ellory
 Beverley is somewhere I had never been before until recently. Apart from the annoyance of a parking ticket brought about by some rather shoddy time keeping, me, my sister, tom and my dad had an impromptu visit the other week and we were pleasantly surprised by the range and quality of the shopping but more importantly the places to eat. There were some great cooking shops including Steamer Trading Cookshop which had an amazing range of cooking supplies,enough to rival Lakeland. We also had a look inside the beautiful cathedral building where we were welcomed by a tour guide should we want more information about the history. It's amazing that people travel the world looking at religious sites, but fail to look at the beauty on offer in their locality. We take the history and architecture for granted, but we should really look at these buildings with awe and pride at our own achievements.

This all followed a spot of lunch at a place which caught our eye because of the gorgeous looking pastries in the window. Wholesome sausage rolls and more refined onion, bacon or goats cheese tarts drew us in and the sweet patisseries looked even more inviting.

The Indulgent Tarte- Beverley
Indulgent tarts from Indulgent Tarte- Beverley

The rustic and homemade feel of this little cafe made for a perfect resting stop. The two women running the place were lovely, very helpful and accommodating of our requests to sample a few things from the menu in a different order. It was also nice to see them serving Yorkshire Tea! A selection of the food on offer is pictured below and all was very delicious and satisfying.

Goats cheese open sandwich and delicious Spanish tortilla

Salami, Spanish tortilla and sweet chili platter

Goats cheese salad and onion tart - Indulgent Tarte Beverley

Sweet Patisserie - Indulgent Tarte - Beverley

We wandered around a few of the many upmarket charity shops and generally absorbed the market town atmosphere. I really like Beverley and would be happy to visit again soon.

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