Thursday, 22 November 2012

Whitby Pit Stop

After our afternoon in Robin Hoods Bay we drove back towards Harrogate and called in at Whitby for some more sea air and a bag of chips from The Magpie Cafe. There was the usual queue even on a week day, but it was half term and the week leading up to the Town's Gothic weekend in which it hosts festive Halloween events- held in Whitby for its Dracula connections. There were some darkly dressed but colourful characters wandering about, including families dressed up in black velvet capes with black lipstick. Looking beyond this, Whitby was up to its usual picturesque standard and the abbey was still looking down on the bobbing moored fishing boats.

Whitby Harbour

As always, first stop was a fish mongers where we bought a pot of fresh mixed cockles, mussels and whelks to nibble on. Although these little sea creatures look a little odd, they are packed with flavour and protein to boot. I could take or leave the chunky whelks, but delicate cockles are by far superior seafood!

Pot of cockles, mussels and whelks, Whitby
 We enjoyed a meander through the cobbled streets and alley ways and stopped for Tom's brother Dec to buy a stick of rock, although I could scarcely choose one from this display. There was even a full English breakfast made of rock but toffee apples and candy floss are more familiar offerings...

Whitby sticks of rock
...and then we had some fun in 'Fun City' slot machines. It really is amazing how a plastic cup filled with 2 pence pieces can bring so much frustration. The warmth of a bag of take away chips with salt and vinegar cut through the fresh sea breeze. It was nice to stretch our legs before the long drive back.

Whitby slot arcades

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