Monday, 25 February 2013

Nepalese Yak Yeti Yak - Bath

30th birthday cake

My sister is another year older and this year was a milestone. A special trip down to Bath was in order to celebrate and so the five hour drive had to be made worthwhile! Spending time with family on your birthday is important but choosing the right place to get together can turn a family reunion into an unforgettable evening for all the right reasons. Jen decided that she wanted to eat out somewhere she has enjoyed a few times now. Nepalese food is a bit off the beaten track and Yak Yeti Yak on Pierrepont Street, Bath is a great place to sample the subtle blends of flavour in a comfortable and relaxed basement restaurant. The music and incense catapult you to Nepal and the friendly service is a bonus. An extensive menu is made easier with the offer of a set meal menu, both meat and vegetarian options are both extensive.

Yak Yeti Yak - set menu

Maasko Dal -Split black lentil sauce

We all plumped for the set meat menu which included the all time classic Nepalese meal of rice, your choice of black or orange dal, aloo channa which is a potato and chickpea dish spiced with cumin, fresh crispy popadums, and delicious stone-ground chutney. With these side dishes you also get your choice of meat dish. I went for the lamb tamar; a slow cooked lamb with bamboo shoots, black-eye peas and potato finished with tomato and coriander. The food is cooked to order and we were asked to specify if we preferred to alter the spice levels. It was good to know that the food was sourced locally, to.
The two dal options were both delicious, the black tasted a little more earthy and the orange was a little sweeter. Musurko Dal- Split orange lentil sauce cooked with traditional spices and finished with garlic fried in vegan butter. Maasko Dal -Split black lentil sauce cooked with traditional spices and finished with Himalayan herbs fried in butter.

Nepalese dinner - Yak Yeti Yak
The food really was delicious and so different from either Indian or Asian tastes we are used to and you could taste the goodness in each dish. I was very impressed with everything!
Birthday cake
We asked the waiter to bring out a birthday cake after the meal and he was very obliging. I brought the cake on a piece of card wrapped in foil and he followed my lead wrapping the knife and box in foil too! 
As always, Tom being Tom decided to have a dessert as well! He opted for a sweetened spiced carrot tartlet, Yak Yeti Yak's contemporary version of a Kathmandu classic with ice-cream. The tart was not too sweet at all and clearly a healthy pudding if ever I tasted! 
Happy birthday!

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