Thursday, 25 July 2013

Picnic in the Dales! Beef Salad Wraps

Burnsall- Grassington Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales is an area which never fails to charm me. Tom is from Skipton which is hailed as 'The Gateway to the Dales' and walking around this area, we chat about how much we missed the Great British outdoors while we lived abroad. Over the eight years I have traveled over to Skipton to visit Tom's family, we have covered a lot of ground but there is always somewhere else to explore and usually only a short drive from home. Now we live in Harrogate, we have Nidderdale on our doorstep, but we took a sideways step into Wharfedale and walked along the river, starting at Burnsall. There were loads of people parked up taking a dip, or admiring the view while having a glass of wine or pint of ale at The Red Lion.
It is an incredibly picturesque village and it's popularity during long hot summers stretch beyond Tom's school years as groups of lads, dressed in vest and shorts, come out to play and jump into the famous plunge pool.

People jumping into the plunge pool at Burnsall.

Walking along the River Wharfe

We followed a well trodden and fairly busy walk way towards Grassington which just bypasses Hebden.

Burnsall to Grassington

The warm weather made everything look even more' lovely and it was nice that everyone who walked by said hello or commented on the weather! Only in Yorkshire!

Crossing over the stepping stones.
When you reach the river, you have a choice of passage; via the suspension bridge which positively bounces, or over the stepping stones. We didn't walk all the way to Grassington, but stopped at Linton Falls and Tom showed me the weir where he used to slide down into the fast flowing river on his bum! The houses in Linton Falls are gorgeous and it was the perfect place to stop for a snack before we set off back again - this time over the suspension bridge. Those stepping stones were a bit mossy!

Picnic! The empty jars clattered around in the rucksack all the way back.

Beef salad wraps
We took a simple picnic of gorgeous sliced roast beef from Addyman's butchers in Harrogate (the best meat and most friendly service in town) and a jar of home grown leaves and mixed salad with balsamic dressing.

Beef wraps with mixed salad

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