Thursday, 30 January 2014

A Hand Crafted Salt Box is what I want for my Birthday Daddy!

Hand made salt box

I just wanted to show off my newest kitchen accessory! I saw some very expensive ones for sale and really liked the design for those moments when you need to add a pinch of salt. I like the authentic design as the hole in the top was where a rudimentary wall peg would have hung the box on a wall. I am keeping mine on the work top but it's nice to know I could use a peg if I wanted to!

I asked my dad if he could make me one for my birthday seen as I had every faith he would be up to the challenge ad I don't think I have ever been more pleased with something in my whole life. I am so proud of my dad and his skills in woodwork.

I am sure he could make a pretty penny making these, but this one is just for me!

Hand made kitchen salt box

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