Friday, 31 January 2014

The Royal Crescent Hotel - A Day to remember

 The day your older sister gets married has to be one of the biggest turning points in a girls life. Not only is your sister now a real grown up, but it means that time is ticking for you, too! As Jennifer is only a couple of years my elder, I have some food for thought going into my 29th year. A joyous day to remember was had in the most historic and glamorous town for rest and relaxation and in true Bath style, everything looked grand. Mr and Mrs Milligan decided that instead of spending a little bit of money on a large group of family and friends they would prefer to spoil the most important people in their lives and a close group of 11 of us headed down to meet the couple the night before the big day. Full of excitement for our wedding duties the following morning, the Ellory clan celebrated the last night of Jennifer's single status; gathered together in a fab apartment where we ate a huge Thai takeaway.

Mr and Mrs Milligan, Guildhall Wedding, Bath
After the ceremony, we were whisked off to the beautiful Royal Crescent,where we experienced an eight course taster menu reception at The Royal Crescent Hotel.

Bridesmaids, Guildhall, Bath

So this is the part where we were spoilt rotten. Not only was the food from the Dower House Restaurant imaginative and delicate in presentation, it was simply delicious and an amazing experience all at once. We were seated in the private Library room which of course offered us a different atmosphere and boasted a finely decorated fireplace and Georgian theme. Each course was discussed between the bride and groom and the Head Chef David Campbell who came through towards the end of the dinner and passed on his thanks for our compliments.

The courses were detailed on a special menu and announced with explanation on service. The combinations on offer were fresh and modern and made with local ingredients.

Apple, Parsnip, Smoked Eel, Coriander
Foie Gras, Pear, Gingerbread, Red Wine

Mackerel, Cucumber, Horseradish, Cavier

Menu and wedding favours

Lamb, Wet Polenta, Alliums, Sheeps Milk Gel

Not Bakewell Tart

Chocolate, Popcorn, Toffee
We were then served a mighty cheese board offering, which included a selection of local cheeses and quince jelly. Pausing for a breather between crackers, we also watched the cutting of the cake which was then bagged into sweet shop stripy bags for later!

Beautiful two tier fruit cake hand decorated by the Groom's Mum

Coffee and Petit Fours: Poppy and Lemon cake, Pistachio Macaroons

The Georgian Library Room, Royal Crescent Hotel, Bath
The most stand out course for me was the lamb which included braised lamb neck so soft and tender and sticky with rich gravy. It was even better served with lamb bon bon and fillet. The Not Bakewell Tart was an interesting twist on the usual stodgy cake with fresh fruity flavours.

I was overwhelmed with the day and will remember the dining experience for a long time to come. In particular, the service was impeccable and the intentions of the Bride and Groom to spoil and surprise were exemplified in their choice of reception.

A massive thank you to the Milligans and many congratulations to you both!!

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