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Bundobust is a collaboration between Bradford based, Great British Restaurant finalists, Prashad and  The Sparrow Bier café craft beer specialists. This amazing mix of authentic and fantastically tasty Indian street food and interesting pale ales and craft beers create a food destination. So much so, that when Tom and I headed home after a mini break 'farm sitting' in Northumberland, we had a super hankering for lunch at this place. It must have been all the fresh air. We were prepared to face thirty minutes circumnavigating the loop around Leeds and a fairly heated argument about lack of parking to make the worthwhile pit stop. This could only mean one thing - 'Bundo-lust'. Open since July 2014 on Leeds’ Mill Hill, we have visited three times and never failed to get our vegetarian Indian street food fix! The location is a super casual up and coming street near other trendy 'Friends of Ham' and 'Tapped' food and drink hubs, satiating around the new Leeds Trinity shopping centre.

Bundobust - refreshingly simple
 A simple décor of chipboard and shared bench seating makes the relaxed atmosphere of street food come to life. Posters of events and beer pairings/music events make you feel part of the food movement. The friendly staff are happy to help and knowledgeable about menu and beers alike. There is a genuine enthusiasm for upcoming menu changes and chef secrets, enough to excite any apathetic eater.

We made the choice to order 5 individual dishes from the menu to share and they each offered a assemblage of flavours, textures and satisfying comfort.

bundolust!!- street food
 From top left to right,

  Mini rice crepe, potato & onion dry fry. Served with lentil soup & coconut chutney.£6.00

Rolled rice with peanuts, potato & mustard seeds. £4.00

Samosa pastry, puffed rice, turmeric noodles, red onion, tomato & tamarind chutney.


Bottom left to right
The ultimate bhaji. Onion, cauliflower & spinach.


  Samosa pastry, chickpeas, potato, tamarind chutney, yoghurt & turmeric noodles. £4.00
Seriously good bhaji bhaji!

Bhel Puri and Bundo Chat -

Masala Dosa

Bundobust is not a self proclaiming restaurant. It is a casual extension of authentic Indian street wares which are so true to life and great to share. Tom and I were literally catapulted to a very memorable lunch on Mumbai, Chowpatty beach. All this washed down with Bundobust Coriander Pilsner, an interesting pint of refreshing tangy liquid at £4.20 a pint.

Street food Chowpatty beach, Mumbai

Me and Tom on Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai

Authentic Bhel Puri on Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai


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