Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A Proposal and Oysters at The Marina, Whitby

 The sights and sounds of Whitby have never before seemed quite so romantic, but for me, the memories I now have there are the most sincere and romantic of any I possess.

After a very unexpected proposal up at Ravenscar, overlooking a colony of barking seals and crashing waves, Tom and I got engaged and the excitement of it all, plus the sea air, gave us both a hankering for luxury and relaxation. Or perhaps it was the camping pod!

We took a turn about Whitby the following day and absorbed the gothic atmosphere up at the abbey ruins, in the quirky church and among the grave stones on the cliff. The historical feeling within the town is nostalgic and the harbour breeze mixed with a rusted sea front gives you a sense of mortality which nudge you towards grasping life and seizing the moment!

Whitby, view from the stairs leading to the Abbey and church
Whitby Harbour and Abbey

So we sauntered into The Marina to enjoy a platter or two of oysters and some lunch time Bloody Marys. Amazingly, they served the most delicious Colchester Oysters are served on ice with shallot vinaigrette, Soy, ginger & spring onion or Catalan – Chorizo & shallot.
We opted to sample all of the above and they went down very nicely. My favourite were the shallots and vinaigrette. But we added a little tabasco - the cocktail gave me a taster for the spice.

The Marina, Whitby

Oysters, The Marina, Whitby

The Marina, Whitby

Catalan Oyster, Whitby


Whitby Panoramic - Seize the Day!
This day will go down as one of the most wonderful; embracing the day, enjoying each others company, and appreciating the beautiful Yorkshire coastline.

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