Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Yurtshire and a Llama Picnic (We Must Have Outgrown Teddy Bears)....

I recently had the pleasure of spending a weekend in Yurtshire along with a rabble of farmyard friends... and that wasn't even the llamas. My beautiful bridesmaids had put together a weekend of activites which were themed around my love of the outdoors and especially the rolling Yorkshire countryside. They dressed me as a hen and each got fully involved in their farmyard outfits! Our accommodation for the weekend was a Yurt just outside Ripon, towards Fountains Abbey. These Yurts were the perfect setting for laughter and dancing while dressed as a farmyard hen (the remoteness allowed complete unabashed fun).

On arriving, me and the girls had a feast of afternoon tea laid out on the glamping style benches in a big communal yurt. The light and airy style of this outdoor living was seriously comfortable, with a log burning stove in the center which we needed during the cool May evening. We also had BBQ facilites for the evening and endless cups of tea as each sleeping yurt had its own mini kitchen and dining patio area. Clearly, Yurtshire is somewhere you could live for quite some time very happily.

Glamping fun with my hens

Nidderdale llama trek
The second day was an amazing surprise and one which I secretly hoped for, but we went on a farm trek at Nidderdale Llamas which involved an introduction to the llamas and selecting the most appropriate llama for your personality! Suzanne was amazing and really knows her stuff as they run through how to handle them out trekking. The most memorable part of the weekend was a lengthy discussion about how a llama would never spit at a person, only for a misdirected hunk of chewed grass to be launched at the beautiful Camilla's face. No one knew what to say! Poor Camilla. Poor Bertie, the sensitive soul. We were assured he meant no harm!

Gary the Alpaca, the llamas gallant singing friend, Llamas and alpacas communicate by humming (named Gary after the Barlow)

Jack the lad, a particularly characterful llama - Nidderdale llamas

After the trek we went back to the farm buildings and enjoyed more afternoon tea style picnic sandwiches and cakes which we were all really ready for after our trek. The llamas had taken the opportunity to eat whenever and wherever they could along the way which was a luxury you cannot enjoy while trying desperately to prevent your llama from rolling in a bush! Suzanne and the team looked after us well and laid out a lovely feast with lashings of tea.

love for the llamas

I loved the llamas so much that I invited them as a secret addition to our wedding, two months later and they were an absolute hoot! Gary was very well dressed and featured in our official pictures almost as much as the food which is saying something!

Nidderdale Llamas appearance at our wedding, Sawley Village Hall

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