Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Miso Breakfast Soup and a New Kitchen

It has been a funny old time over the past month.  For the first time ever,  Tom and I have had to struggle through without a working kitchen.  As always in life,  the appointment we had with the plumber was rescheduled as he faced his own life challenges. We had to be patient.

DIY on a Saturday.
The shelves are wedding inspired made from our sharing platters.  Need to sort out the wall sockets though.
This may explain the sudden need to cook with extravagance for three meals a day as though we are playing catch up. To be honest I have been desperate for a vegetable that wasn't a mushy pea. Takeaways are not our style other than the occasional trip to the fish and chip shop or the odd hangover quenching Thai.

This morning,  I followed Tom's recently furvished need to eat umami.  He found a cool website,  Japancenter.co.uk and picked up seaweed,  miso and chilli.  I added to this supply by visiting the Asian supermarket in York Chi Yip to pick up some Kimchi,  tofu and radish.

Korean and Japanese breakfasts have followed, much to the horror of my sister when she came to see the new place.  We curbed ourselves over the weekend and did eggs and avocado.

Miso breakfast soup

Miso Breakfast Soup

1 tbsp oil
1 flat mushroom
A bunch of green beans
1 sweet red pepper
1 cup kimchi
1 tbsp miso
2 cups boiled water
2 tbsp dried seaweed
Spinkle Japanese chilli powder
1 cup diced tofu pieces

I fried off the vegetables for a couple of minutes to soften the sliced pepper,  mushroom and beans.
I added the kimchi and stirfried for a couple of minutes.
I added the miso and water and stired in the paste until dissolved in the water.
I added the tofu and simmered for 8-10 mins.
I then turned the stove off and sprinkled with dried seaweed and chilli to taste.

The seaweed rehydrates as the boiling soup levels off to a palatable temperature.  Leave it to stand for 5 mins.

Serve with Japanese pickles or radish.  You could serve with rice as a more midday meal.

Almost but not quite finished

We are more than pleased with our new kitchen. 

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