Friday, 23 November 2012

Beverley's Indulgent Tart

Beverley Cathedral - Picture by V. Ellory
 Beverley is somewhere I had never been before until recently. Apart from the annoyance of a parking ticket brought about by some rather shoddy time keeping, me, my sister, tom and my dad had an impromptu visit the other week and we were pleasantly surprised by the range and quality of the shopping but more importantly the places to eat. There were some great cooking shops including Steamer Trading Cookshop which had an amazing range of cooking supplies,enough to rival Lakeland. We also had a look inside the beautiful cathedral building where we were welcomed by a tour guide should we want more information about the history. It's amazing that people travel the world looking at religious sites, but fail to look at the beauty on offer in their locality. We take the history and architecture for granted, but we should really look at these buildings with awe and pride at our own achievements.

This all followed a spot of lunch at a place which caught our eye because of the gorgeous looking pastries in the window. Wholesome sausage rolls and more refined onion, bacon or goats cheese tarts drew us in and the sweet patisseries looked even more inviting.

The Indulgent Tarte- Beverley
Indulgent tarts from Indulgent Tarte- Beverley

The rustic and homemade feel of this little cafe made for a perfect resting stop. The two women running the place were lovely, very helpful and accommodating of our requests to sample a few things from the menu in a different order. It was also nice to see them serving Yorkshire Tea! A selection of the food on offer is pictured below and all was very delicious and satisfying.

Goats cheese open sandwich and delicious Spanish tortilla

Salami, Spanish tortilla and sweet chili platter

Goats cheese salad and onion tart - Indulgent Tarte Beverley

Sweet Patisserie - Indulgent Tarte - Beverley

We wandered around a few of the many upmarket charity shops and generally absorbed the market town atmosphere. I really like Beverley and would be happy to visit again soon.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Whitby Pit Stop

After our afternoon in Robin Hoods Bay we drove back towards Harrogate and called in at Whitby for some more sea air and a bag of chips from The Magpie Cafe. There was the usual queue even on a week day, but it was half term and the week leading up to the Town's Gothic weekend in which it hosts festive Halloween events- held in Whitby for its Dracula connections. There were some darkly dressed but colourful characters wandering about, including families dressed up in black velvet capes with black lipstick. Looking beyond this, Whitby was up to its usual picturesque standard and the abbey was still looking down on the bobbing moored fishing boats.

Whitby Harbour

As always, first stop was a fish mongers where we bought a pot of fresh mixed cockles, mussels and whelks to nibble on. Although these little sea creatures look a little odd, they are packed with flavour and protein to boot. I could take or leave the chunky whelks, but delicate cockles are by far superior seafood!

Pot of cockles, mussels and whelks, Whitby
 We enjoyed a meander through the cobbled streets and alley ways and stopped for Tom's brother Dec to buy a stick of rock, although I could scarcely choose one from this display. There was even a full English breakfast made of rock but toffee apples and candy floss are more familiar offerings...

Whitby sticks of rock
...and then we had some fun in 'Fun City' slot machines. It really is amazing how a plastic cup filled with 2 pence pieces can bring so much frustration. The warmth of a bag of take away chips with salt and vinegar cut through the fresh sea breeze. It was nice to stretch our legs before the long drive back.

Whitby slot arcades

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Robin Hoods Bay - Chocolate Box of Memories

Robin Hoods Bay

Rarely do you find a place that holds so many wonderful memories, other than the house you were brought up in. Robin Hoods Bay however is like a memory playground for me. Every corner holds comical nostalgia. When I was a child, we owned the white cottage which looks over the sea wall. It has a very narrow gable end which widens as you head down the hill to the bay and has lots of character with higgledy piggledy windows. The back of the cottage looks out over the sea and the sight of it always reminds me of my weetabix t-shirt. I have an old photograph of me sat on the backdoor step ironically eating weetabix. Unfortunately, my younger sister Victoria did the same thing a few years later (minus weetabix t-shirt) and had her breakfast stolen from her hand by a particularly cheeky seagull. I also remember walking to the old fashioned sweet shop 'Dollies' I think then it was owned by three elderly ladies. I always thought me and my sisters could take over one day. I would savor my bag of rhubarb, apple and custard sweets over the week we stayed. Our arrival down the hill in the car would always be precluded by a round of ''She'll be coming round the mountain" and my dad challenging who could see the sea first!

Georgian House, Robin Hoods Bay.

 This time, the visit was made more special as I could share it with Tom and his brother Declan. Tom has joined me on a day trip to the old place once before, but we were well due another turn about and it was nice to spend some time with Dec too. It is a very peaceful place and for somewhere hilly, it is even worth a trip if you are on crutches!

Tom and Dec -Bros on RHB beach
 Before lunch we had a little stroll along the beach; looking in rock pools, picking up shells and commenting on strange seaweed, then back onto New Road to look around and find out what was new. There are a good range of lovely gift shops, eateries and all completely independent which to me is what makes Robin Hoods Bay so special. It is still a little piece of smuggler history with a family seaside spirit. Lots of nooks and crannies for smuggling luggers to hide their contraband.
Walking down the narrow streets we peered in the windows of a new (to me) chocolate shop called 'Browns'. The selection of confectionery was very impressive- ice cream and sweets were on show too. We hand selected a bag of mixed choccies for our reward once we made it to the top of Station Road- the steep hill back to the car.

Browns Chocolate Shop, Robin Hoods Bay

Browns chocolate heaven window, Robin Hoods Bay

Sitting on a bench at the top of the hill we looked out onto the sea and scoffed a few each. A champagne and almond. Whiskey, Baileys and Coconut flavours. White chocolate, Turkish Delight and Rose Cream. All delicious! After making ourselves decidedly sick, we headed on for Whitby and another adventure.

Browns chocolate, Robin Hoods Bay

Delicious chocolate treats, Robin Hoods Bay

Hazelnut, Browns, Robin Hoods Bay

White Chocolate, Browns RHB
Another memory to add to the bank. What a wonderful place to get some fresh air and comfort on a clear Autumn day followed by a lovely drive over the moors home!